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Customers are inspiring

As we’ve been converging on our launch product concept, I’ve been able to get more specific in reaching out to potential customers. As I go through the high’s and low’s of building a startup—and this week has been more low than high—I found myself turning today to my potential customers for the motivation and inspiration to keep me going.

I just want to share some anonymized feedback I’ve received in the past couple of weeks:

A simple, one-line note:

i could use these iam dealf

Prompted by a survey I sent out to some folks:

Please describe a recent time when you wished you had (this product):

Every day. I lost my hearing in 1991. I do not sign lip read only. These would enhance my daily life 1000 fold.

And a longer note I received a few days ago:

Hello thank you for contacting me first of, I swear hearing aids but my hearing is going fast, so (this product) would benefit me in many ways not thought of till now. I am a Vietnam vet and have hearing aids from them ,but soon I will not hear anything. And (this product), would surely benefit me. so I would appreciate it so much to keep me informed. Thank you so much.

To help keep me inspired and motivated, I made a PowerPoint deck with customer notes like these—each slide has the person’s name, what they said, and a photo.

There’s been nothing more powerful than our customers’ faces and words speaking to us, telling us to please keep going.