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Want to learn more about our story? Alex talks about his journey building Xander.

Customers over technology

Investors often ask about our “IP moat” — what technologies are we developing at Xander that will give us an unfair competitive advantage over any other company? What are we doing that can’t easily be bought or copied?

The short answer is that we’re not developing technology right now. We do have a patent filed on one of our key product concepts, but we’re not bringing bleeding edge technology out of a research lab, and we’re not hacking on apps or hardware just yet.

So what are we doing? We’re spending time with our target customers.

Xander is a customer-first company. We dig deep into our customers’ problems to empathize and understand them as beset as we can. We hypothesize solutions to their problems, and we test them with customers. We get feedback, we iterate. Occasionally we pivot.

As a result, we’re de-risking critical components of our business model.

Our beachhead product concepts are much simpler and require less capital than where we started. We can get to market much faster, we can learn quicker, and with less up-front investment. We even have a hypothesis on how we might bootstrap the business.

We may not have an IP moat today, but we’re honing in on where we need to dig it, how deep it’ll be, and what tools we’ll need — all from the perspective of building value for the customer.