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Graduating to solution testing

A funny thing happened a few weeks ago while I was running an experiment to test customer interest in a couple of product ideas—a few particularly passionate customers started engaging with me. That’s actually awesome and amazing, but the funny part was that I had absolutely no idea what to say to them.

For months I had been digging into customer problems and searching for signals that would point to solution ideas and concepts that might help them. My entire approach to customer development to date had been centered on getting a deeper understanding of my customers.

And when a few of them wanted to learn more about what Xander is doing, they basically flipped the script on me and took me off guard. I had nothing left to ask them — they were ready for me to start selling to them.

What a great problem to have!

And I’m glad I’ve been patient enough to not force these conversations too quickly into my company’s solutions.

So I’ve officially graduated to running solution interviews with customers, and am ready start this week.

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