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Hardware or software?

Last week somebody asked me after hearing my pitch if I thought Xander was a hardware company or a software company. After some thought, I believe that Xander is neither. Xander is delivering an experience. That experience may be best delivered via a certain hardware apparatus, powered by software, optimized with audio design.

IOW, Xander isn’t necessarily trying to build its value through hardware or software.

My answer seemed satisfactory to the person who asked me.

As I think back on that question, though, I remembered a clip from Steve Jobs describing Apple as a software company.

That clip is from 9 years ago, and I can understand how it was true then, but when you look at their new iPhones today, doesn’t it seem that Apple is differentiating purely on hardware technologies? And, on the other hand, their services business has become a major profit center. So what is Apple today? And why is it important? (I’m not saying it isn’t important.)

It’s an interesting question.

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