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ROI of higher fidelity testing

We’re about to conduct a series of validation interviews to test a much more detailed, realistic, and viable hypothesis of our solution.

Creating these rich test stimuli required significantly higher costs, effort, and time than previous rounds of testing—a large Investment overall.

We’ll have product pages with detailed feature descriptions, specifications, and photorealistic images showing the product from various angles and being used by a customer. We hope to have demonstration videos that would intentionally reveal some imperfections in the customer experience. We’ll also have pricing information, and we’ll be asking interviewees if they would pre-order the product today.

We’ve accumulated a wealth of information since our last round of testing a few months ago.

The question now is: should we have been testing more frequently since then, as new learnings came in from our experiments?

The reason we waited was that we wanted to get to the point where we had a robust enough solution on paper that we could confidently ask for a pre-order. It took us more time and effort to work out the solutions from the feedback we received during our last round of interviews.

We’ll soon find out whether this bigger Investment will yield the Return we’re hoping for.