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Want to learn more about our story? Alex talks about his journey building Xander.

Scratching surfaces

The surface of the Product

As I’ve been continually refining our first product concept, I started engaging industrial designers, speaking with several talented and experienced designers and engineers.

Here I’m trying to test out:

  1. What could this product look like, and would customers buy such a thing?

  2. Can we really build it?

The surface of Fundraising

This ID project will inform my fundraising plan. How I raise money depends on which path I take. I’m hoping I’ll have enough information to make a decision by the end of the week, and can I can finalize my strategy.

The surface of the Team

I am very excited to have received a verbal commitment from an experienced industry expert and entrepreneur to join Xander as an Advisor. As I continue on this journey, I’m starting to see other knowledge and experience gaps to fill.

The surface of Competitors

As my company progresses, others are as well. I have a few potential giant-ass competitors against my product, which is helping me sharpen what it is that makes us special and different.

The surface of Customers

I was able to gather a bunch of potential customers through my personal network, and through Facebook advertising. Staying engaged with, and nurturing these customers is a new challenge.

The surface of Regulation and Reimbursement

Our first product might be regulated as an FDA Class 1 Exempt Medical Device, and I’m starting to explore how and if it can be an FSA reimbursable device—a nice bonus for my customers, if we can make it happen.