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Want to learn more about our story? Alex talks about his journey building Xander.

Tip of the iceberg

About a year and a half ago I began diving deeper into the product that today we’re raising money to start designing & prototyping—laser focused on this first product.

While fundraising over the past several weeks, my conversations with potential investors started to venture further into the future—what’s really behind (differentiating IP) and beyond (larger vision) this product?

The Product guy in me wants to just stay focused on this first product — we have to really nail this one before we can concern ourselves with what’s next in a larger, imagined future.

But the CEO in me is seeing this through more thoughtfully. I started this company inspired by a Stephen Hawking encouragement for entrepreneurs and inventors to solve the deep and painful problems experienced by people with disabilities and impairments. He suggested that solving these more severe human problems will inevitably lead to broader applications.

My vision of the future has been sharpened by these conversations with investors. I’ve been reflecting on what we’ve learned so far, and I’m now re-applying these lessons learned to larger opportunities for Augmented Listening. It’s a big future!