XanderGlasses, Powered by Vuzix

Our smart glasses display real-time captions of what other people are saying.

They're lightweight, comfortable, and feel natural. The caption display is inobtrusive, allowing the wearer to follow conversations while looking directly at the speaker and surroundings. XanderGlasses allow people who are hard of hearing to clearly understand who is speaking to them, whether at home, work, or in a noisy public venue. This helps people feel more confident and relaxed during conversations.

One Simple Product with Everything You Need

  • Noise-canceling microphones capture clear speech from conversations.
  • An integrated touchpad allows you to position the captioned text where you want it.
  • Rechargeable batteries have enough capacity to get you through a long Thanksgiving dinner.
  • The speech-to-text technology is built-in to the glasses, which means you don't need to rely on your smartphone or connect to WiFi.
  • The glasses are lightweight, comfortable, and safety rated — you can even get prescription inserts!
XanderGlasses with feature Callouts

Our Unique Features

Life is busy and complicated. Our users expect quality and convenience. XanderGlasses are distinct in 3 primary ways: They offer simplicity, reliability, and were designed to protect your privacy. Beyond that, they are accurate, personalizable, discreet, safe, durable, convenient and comfortable!
XanderGlasses are ready to go out of the box. Just push a button, put the glasses on, and you’ll see real-time captions of what other people are saying, superimposed right in your field of view. There's no need to worry about pairing to your phone, installing apps, or connecting to the cloud.
No strings attached — literally. XanderGlasses are 100% self-contained, so they don’t require a phone to work. You don’t need to be connected to WiFi and you don’t need a strong cell signal. There are no hidden data charges and no subscription fees. XanderGlasses just work—whenever and wherever you need them!
Conversations are personal and we respect privacy. Only you can access your conversations. Since XanderGlasses don't rely on a cloud service, no human or machine will hear conversations captioned by our glasses. Xander is SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant—we don’t collect your data!

In noisy environments, like crowded restaurants, city streets, and public venues, our glasses deliver an average of 90% accuracy in captions. Accuracy is even higher in quieter settings like someone's home, a doctor's office, or a small meeting room.

Personalized Display
Everyone has different viewing preferences. XanderGlasses can be customized to suit your needs. Each pair has a built-in touchpad so you can easily position the captions where you want them to appear—perhaps to the right of the person's head, or underneath—it's up to you! Prescription lens inserts are also available.

Human communication isn't only what we say, it's also what we see and how we feel when we're interacting. Unlike a handheld listening device, XanderGlasses are unobtrusive. They display captions discreetly, allowing you to look at the speaker and surroundings while following the captions of a conversation in real-time, like subtitles.  

Safe & Durable

We partner with Vuzix, an industry leader in AR technology, that provides innovative optical products to defense, security, and enterprise clients. The lenses in our glasses are rugged, have full UV protection, and meet the highest safety standards, ANSI Z87.1 certification.

Unlike hearing aids which need to be worn all day, every day, to provide benefits, XanderGlasses can be worn situationally, for as little or long as you like. Unlike hearing aids which need to be tuned regularly, XanderGlasses are maintenance-free.

XanderGlasses are lightweight smart glasses with an ergonomic design with a cushioned, snug fit. Powered by Vuzix, they feature advanced waveguide optics that provide hands-free captioning of speech in real-time. They offer clear resolution and transparent display in ultra-bright 24-bit color.

See the Glasses in Action

Are you what it looks like to see what real-time captioning looks like wearing XanderGlasses? Go "behind the glasses" with Alex, our CEO.

Try XanderGlasses

Right now, we are hard at work preparing XanderGlasses for customers. To join our waitlist and learn more about the product, please click on the link below. We'd love to hear from you.